Tower 2

This project will feature unique surroundings that stand out from other neighbouring buildings along Highway 640. Flexible in design, Phase 2 of the project will be able to accommodate one or several occupants. There will be spaces available for lease or sale.



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This avant-garde project in the region will highlight all the advantages and amenities in order to create a balance between spaces allowed for light industry, office spaces, warehouses and commercial spaces.

The project will be designed according to the high environmental, social and technological criteria and principles of the Distinction program by MONTONI and focusing on the well-being of employees.

These principles are translated into design strategies that result in a predominant contribution of natural light in buildings; better adapted to the human eye and our circadian rhythms.

Access to outside views, allows a visual link with nature at first sight, proven to be essential in an office environment which limits visual and cognitive fatigue.


For over 25 years, MONTONI has pioneered an innovative, client-focused and opportunistic approach to real estate. Whatever your ambition, our team is ready to make it happen.

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